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Siemens Signia Charge&Go AX Charger

Your Price: $250.00
Part Number:336-2
Siemens Signia Charge&Go AX Charger
Smart power, completely hassle-free.

Product Details:

    Compact, elegant and full of smart technology, the inductive charger recharges Charge&Go AX hearing aids. After a full charge, the hearing aids deliver 24 hours of outstanding hearing with unlimited streaming, even with a high-power RIC receiver.

    • Widely used Micro USB connector
    • LED indicators
    • Auto on/off
    • Inductive charging - The hearing aid simply lies in the cradle and automatically starts charging.
    • Light and compact - Lightweight construction makes the charger ultra-portable.
    • Fast charging- Only four hours for a full charge. A 30 min. charge provides seven hours of use.
    • Gently dehumidifies during the charging cycle.

    Hassle-Free Smart Power

    The Siemens Charge&Go AX Charger is a sleek and elegant recharger, packed with technology, for Charge&Go AX hearing aids. After a full charge, the hearing aids deliver 24 hours of continuous outstanding hearing with unlimited Bluetooth streaming.

    The LED indicators clearly display the status of both hearing aid power cells. During the charging cycles, the charger even dehumidifies the hearing aids for better care and longer service life.

    Micro USB - carry less cables when on the go with a universal USB connector

    LED Indicators - three LEDs show charging progress

    Auto on/off - Cellion primax hearing aids automatically turns off when charging begins and is reactivated when removed from the charger

    Inductive charging - your hearing aids simply lay in the cradle and automatically start charging, without the need to align charging contacts

    Light & compact - smaller than a business card with lightweight constructions make the charger ultra-portable

    Fast charging - only 4 hours for a full charge; a 30-minute top-up provides 7 hours of use

    Dehumidifier - the charger gently dehumidifies during the charging cycle

    Power on the Go

    The Inductive is compatible with a wide range of flexible and inexpensive power packs that connect via the micro USB standard used by many mobile devices.

    Only compatible with Siemens Signia Charge&Go AX hearing aids.