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Here's what some of our customers had to say:

*My highest compliments for superb help over the phone and the most willing and competent customer service attitude I've seen in years. Thanks for caring, and I can hear the smile in your voice! Eric in Southbury CT

*Thank you for your suggestion to order a pair of Siemens Nitro CIC's which was better suited for my hearing loss than the other Siemens model I was considering. After wearing indoors and outdoors for over a week it is much better than my previous Siemens model that cost me much more, six years ago from a local audiologist. To any of your potential customers who are undecided about ordering hearing aids from The Hearing Company: Excellent service & price. Highly recommended and I plan to use again. Thanks. Gary S. Long Island, NY

*I received my Siemens Pure hearing aid "outfit". The engineering and quality of the aids is awesome. Everything worked right out of the box. The remote and wireless transmitter are super cool with the IPod and the TV. I really appreciate the fast delivery and the great personal service right down to programming my name and home phone number on the TEK remote in case it's lost. BTW: the tips that came mounted on the aids seem to work the best. Thanks! Tad-Virginia

*Atta boy!! I want to thank you for all your help. It is seldom that you talk with someone so professional and down-to-earth friendly. Your support from the beginning has been outstanding and The Hearing Company is lucky to have you as an employee. I received my new Pure's today and the improvement over my old aids is remarkable! Siemens has engineered a masterpiece and you programmed them remarkably. Many thanks again for a great buying and hearing experience. Roland-Maine

*No longer are we sitting next to each other asking "What did you say?".? On top of that, in spite that these are my fourth set of aids, we are both hearing sounds that we have not heard before. Sounds like rustling papers, wind in the trees, etc., etc. Hats off to you! You've got two happy customers. John and Shirley-California

*Hi. I received the Nitro CIC today and it works great! You programmed it perfectly! I would like to leave some positive feedback for your company as I am amazed this actually worked! My brother wears hearing aids as well, so I plan on referring him to you. I also plan to continue ordering instruments from you in the future, so good work. Mike K.-California

*I want to thank you for all your help. I give you a 5 star rating! I was totally lost about hearing aids. You have been amazing in both products and knowledge. You are very easy to talk with and have great customer service. I am so happy with my hearing aids and I LOVE the remote! Thank you so much for everything. I will be recommending anyone who needs hearing aids to you.You have restored my faith in honest businessmen. Thank you! Connie M.-Ohio

*Just wanted to let you know my hearing aids are working great. Has to be the best I have had by far. The remote with bluetooth has changed my world already. I am now able to talk to my kids or anyone else on the phone. The TV transmitter is great. But I have found that I can hear the TV with just my aids. To anyone that says you can't order hearing aids online are completley wrong.The hearing aid dealers that I went to said siemens aids with remote and bluetooth would cost over $6000. Yours were less than $2500. Thanks to The Hearing Company for being here for people like me. I have already recommended you to one person. And will be recommending you to my brothers and sisters. Thanks again for a great deal. Steve G.-hearing in Oklahoma again

*Received my hearing aids on time. 2 pure models all programmed as they said straight out of the box. WOW what a difference. I didn't know what I was missing until now. Love the Mini Tek. I am a deer hunter and can hear Squirrels at 40 yards. Wow. Love them. Thank You for the great service.

*My hearing has never been better. I have owned over 7 hearing aid sets and this is as close to natural as I can remember. The service is great. 

*I would like to comment on the great service and excellent product in the Siemens hearing aids I purchased. As often buying on the internet can sometimes be challenging at best; however my experience with your company has been above expectations. I have recommended your company to friends who are in the market for hearings aids, because of the service and product. Thank You Joe C.-Wisconsin

*Just a quick email to say that I received the new hearing aid today. It is fantastic, I can now hear a lot more than previously. Of course it is completely different and will take a few days to get used to the new sounds. You guys did a great job, so thank you very much. I will be back later in the year to order one for the right ear. Cheers. Wayne-Australia

*Arrived in Berlin and I must tell you how my brother is so very pleased with the hearing aids. I wanted to thank you so much for your excellent service, only to be recommended to others and to use it for myself when in need. Thank you again, with friendly regards, Gudrun-Berlin

*Hi, Safe arrival today. First use is good. As you are probably aware, I would have paid more than double in Australia. Thanks for your official cost which meant I avoided tax. Ken-Australia