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Custom Ear Mold for all types of hearing aids

Your Price: $75.00
Part Number:112b-2-2

Choose Options and Quantity

any Siemens Pure or RIC model
45db receiver ("S" type)
55db receiver ("M" type)
65db receiver ("P" type)
Older 2.0 type
Newer 3.0 type
any Siemens BTE using a thin tube
Anesthesiologist Mold help
Order Anesthesiologist ear mold
any standard BTE any brand
Select Material
Acrylic (hard)
Silicone (flexible)
If you want two ear molds, select quantity 2.

Have ear impressions made at a hearing aid store or Audiologist and send them to:
The Hearing Club
12717 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33323
If you've had a custom made hearing aid or ear mold made by Siemens in the last three years, they may still have your impression scan on file. Email us the serial numbers and we'll check with Siemens, or they can look it up by your name.
We may call or email to discuss options regarding the ear mold.
Ear molds are non-refundable but can be remade for fit.

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